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MessagePosté le: Mer 23 Avr - 11:24 (2014)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2014
Messages: 121
Localisation: Paris

Members of the team:

Currently Active:

F1 Lorino

Dernière édition par lorino le Lun 8 Aoû - 12:25 (2016); édité 23 fois
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MessagePosté le: Mer 23 Avr - 12:20 (2014)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 13 Fév 2014
Messages: 121
Localisation: Paris

Presentation of Lorino:

I discovered TrackMania with TrackMania ESWC in 2009. I played on server |TM|Fanatic created by Bananas, in lap mode (5 laps)

PSR Lorino
Because the server was disappearing and there was always less people in TM ESWC, and also because I had a better computer, I arrived in TMNF in 2010 where I met some former TMFanatic players (Pilpoil, Bomba, Mika, Noobzie) that had created the PSR team with the PSR Server. The team grew with the arrival of Chrisxou (that created the PSR Serveur F1 Grand Prix and the PSR Forum) other former TMFanatic players (NickelChrome, Kubica, PASCAL, Lesniac, Pettokaske, LYCAN, BigBond, Mat, Schnecko and volpiano) and other new players (BrakiBrak, L'Interiste, MILANO (Massa), OAKLEY, Miswanaste (Miswa) PhatBoy, Séb, ValeureuxLiegeois ...).

PSR F1 Lorino
I played a lot on server PF1 GRAND PRIX by (PF1) Frelon69 and with members of the K3 team.
Mat and Miswa also created servers for the team (PSR Speedway and PSR Spirit F1)
In year 2012-2013 I played more in ZR Formula 1 server, the only server that had still F1 maps and added some maps to this server.
I also play in TM²Stadium, in Nascar servers and the BA Championship F1 GP and [UF1R] Championship in team Lotus

In April 2014, Miswa creates the F1team.
F1 Lorino

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MessagePosté le: Mer 23 Avr - 13:31 (2014)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 12 Fév 2014
Messages: 59

Présentation F1team~Miswa:
Salut à tous,

J'ai découvert TM il y a 3 ans et rapidement j'ai rejoins la team PSR grace à Mat dit Matou, Mika & Dan, les fondateur de la team PSR.
J'ai rapidement créé mon serveur (sur mon PC) PSR Spirit F1 car malheureusement les serveur F1 sont assez rares sur TM. Mais le gestion d'un serveur sur un PC n'est pas simple car l'ordinateur doit resté allumé 24/24h.
Après de gros probleme de PC et de carte graphique qui m'ont éloigné du jeu pendant 1 an, je suis revenu au jeu mais plus rien n'était pareil! Les membres de la team PSR n'étant plus très présent sur le jeu, j'ai décidé de créer un serveur via TrackManiaserver.
Très rapidement, Lorino m'a rejoint sur ce projet car il est aussi fan de F1.
Ensemble, suivi par Massa, nous avons décidé de fonder une nouvelle team exclusivement dédiée à la F1.
Et c'est ainsi que la F1team à vue le jour. 


Hello to everybody,

I discovered TM 3 years ago and quickly I have join the team PSR grace with said Checkmate Tomcat, Mika and Dan, founder of the team PSR.
I quickly created my server on my PC: PSR Spirit F1 because regrettably server F1 is rather rare on TM. But management of a server on a PC is not simple because the computer owes remained lit 24 / 24h.
Later of big probleme of PC and graphics board which ' took away from the game during 1 year, I returned to the game but nothing more was the similar! The members of the team PSR not being very present any more on the game, I decided to create a server via TrackManiaserver. Very quickly, Lorino joined me on this project because he is also a fan of F1.
Together, helped by Massa who quickly joined us, we decided to base a team short story exclusively dedicated to F1.
And so F1team at sight in the daytime.
F1team~ miswa

Dernière édition par miswa le Lun 28 Avr - 08:23 (2014); édité 2 fois
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MessagePosté le: Sam 26 Avr - 18:09 (2014)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 21 Mar 2014
Messages: 7
Localisation: Grenoble

Presentation of Massa :

It all began in Avril 2010 , there are now four years , a friend made me discover this game who also began . At the time i  called MILANO . We play everytime in the server PSR who was cool with lot of french player .

A few weeks later some PSR member told us if we to join the team , what we did . PSR MILANO

About 2 years i stop to play for no reason but i made my comeback since 4 month and i meet Miswa which was unknown but a psr member like me and of course Lorino was still here , it's only guy member of PSR I knew , all the other are gone .

Since about 1 month we decided to start with a new tag to start on the right foot and i hope same again with a good server with a good atmosphere and lot of members .

Now i'm F1team~Massa and I would like to welcome all future members of our team
and congratulated MISWA and Lorino for work without who all this would be impossible

Enjoy ! 

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MessagePosté le: Ven 27 Fév - 00:30 (2015)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 09 Jan 2015
Messages: 4
Localisation: Denmark

Hi all! So this is me.

I'm Lasse, I'm 24 years old and i come from Copenhague, Denmark - Salut du Danemark! (Still learning more and more french as time goes)
My middle name is Embøl - that's why my TM name is as it is. Now you know! And it's spelled with an Ø.. good luck spelling that, everyone!  Laughing  Right now I'm studying Multimedia Design and I work as an IT-support guy. In the weekends I flip records with my friends in a mobile disco called Lav Noget Larm / Make Some Noise / Faire Du Bruit?  Wink  Like us on Facebook!

TM History!

First I discovered TM Sunrise 2005-ish? Crazy environments and crazy cars with crazy handling: Loved Island, liked Bay, and was ok with Coast.. Which is now the only environment still around. Well..
Soon came TMN! Picked it up at around summer 2007 - made some maps in 2008, search for tracks by " embøl "  Laughing
Then TMNF in 2008 - this is where i first discovered F1-servers (And Nascar-servers, man i owned that shit)

For some reason I lost interest in the game, and have played it for a few weeks/months with long time, months, even years in between playing it again.
Recently, october 2014, I noticed that after seeing short trailers once every year or so since 2009, TM2 'finally' was out!  Laughing  And of course also with a Stadium environment, which i have grown to love (Handling is perfect, all the other environments are so annoying in regards to handling!) I quickly remembered that there were F1-servers in the last game, so they must be here too. And lo and behold, I found some nice people to race with right here on F1team's server! 

I hope I can be a part of this incredible team for quite some time in the future. A big thanks to Lorino & Miswa for making F1team possible!

C'est partir, mes amis  Wink

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 5 Mar - 11:33 (2015)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 21 Fév 2015
Messages: 4
Localisation: CZECH

Presentation of loudis:

My name is Jan (informally Honzik), I am 11 years old and I live in small village near Prague, Czech Republic.  I am student of elementary school and I also play czech national young football league (in Mlada Boleslav, city of Skoda cars).
I started to play Trackmania in 2013 when I found TM Nations but there were problems with playing, therefore I have got TM United as present in 2014 where I play as honzik_l.
When I found free TM2 Stadium I connected there and created account loudis (shortly I used honzik_l but I left it only for TM United).
My experience with Trackmania in comparation with others members is very short but I hope that along with F1team I will improve to reach level of top players in team. I tried to build some tracks but I was not very successful maybe I will better during next months or years.
I would like to thank to creators for interesting tracks where great races could take place a I am very happy to be member of F1team, my first choice. Smile
(parents help me to write this presentation, my english is still not so good). Rolling Eyes

Best regards, loudis

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MessagePosté le: Lun 9 Mar - 21:00 (2015)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 27 Fév 2015
Messages: 24
Localisation: Belgium

Presentation of Statler-63 :

Hello everyone, my name is Dirk (Statler) almost 52 and live near Antwerp (Anvers) in Belgium. Flemmish/Dutch is my native language, I'm fluent in English, je peux me débrouiller en français und spreche auch ein bischen Deutch (schreiben leider nicht so gut).

In the daytime I do nerdy computer stuff at a big cookie factory. So after a hard day's work behind my computer I come home and... turn on my other computer to play TM2 F1 Confused  

I've always been interested in racing, F1 but also superbike, motoGP and drove (too slow to call it racing) on a few tracks on my own bike at the time. Music is also a big part of my life.

I started playing TM in 2006, Island environment, but I was inactive these last years (job, wife, kid, house... ). End of last year, after seeing the TM2 trailers, I decided to give it a go, installed the game and never looked back. 
So now I'm relearning how to drive since the beginning of this year. Mad

I quickly discovered the F1 server and got hooked on the formula immediately.
What I really appreciate is that it’s great fun for all levels of expertise and there is always a nice, friendly inviting atmosphere there. The open race events are big big fun for me and I'm sure for everybody involved.
Big thanks to Lorino, Miswa and all other enthousiasts that make this happen Okay

Proud to be a member of the F1 team Cool

See you on the track! 

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MessagePosté le: Dim 25 Oct - 14:21 (2015)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 14 Sep 2015
Messages: 7

Hi guys, I am xPippo, I have 15 years old and live in Sardinia (Italy).

Before playing Trackmania I was playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, after I discovered TM I left CS. I discovered Trackmania in 2013 on Steam and I started playing "Trackmania Nations Forever"; in 2014 I downloaded the demo of Trackmania 2. This year I got the full version of the game and decided to become a part of this fantastic team. Okay

In real life I do athletic and I'm pretty good. Cool

Thank you, Miswa Lorino and all other members ofthe team for accepting me with you. So guys see you on track! Mr. Green

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MessagePosté le: Mar 23 Fév - 14:12 (2016)  F1team - Members of the Team --> Répondre en citant

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Inscrit le: 25 Jan 2016
Messages: 6

Salut, je me présente un peu tardivement en effet.

Je m'appelle Florent, j'ai 22 pitons et je suis de Perpignan. J'ai toujours joué a des jeux de bagnoles sur ps1 et ps2 quand j'etais petit (gran turismo, v-rally2, wrc, formula one etc...) mais j'ai découvert assez tardivement TM, puisque j'ai commencé a jouer il y a un peu moins de 1 an. J'ai passé le plus clair de mon temps sur les serveurs ZRT, FS... et plus tard j'ai installé le mod f1 qui m'a tout de suite plu. Je suis pas un gros compétiteur mais ca m'empeche pas de me régaler avec vous autres les amis mm si je suis 20 secondes derriere les gros calibre du serveur. 

A part ca je me drogue a la musique, aux bouquins et au cinema. 

F1team-Rakhmetev's maps on Mania Exchange

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